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Telmo has a family history in making great Spanish wine with the famed Remelluri estate in La Rioja. Nevertheless, Telmo is by no means a traditionalist. While some winemakers fly around the world making their names, Telmo contents himself to driving around his country. Spain offers a wealth of climates and soils and can offer many styles to a winemaker with dedication and imagination. Telmo’s top wines are his Pago la Jara in Toro his Matallana in Ribera del Duero and his Altos de Lanzaga in La Rioja. All three are stunning examples of what Tempranillo can do and all are very different wines. The Toro wines are all dense and tannic, full of body and spice. The Ribera wines are some of the most perfectly balanced I have had from that part of the world. The La Rioja wines have an elegance and lightness of touch that is as charming as it is atypical. That might just be because he doesn’t oak the hell out of them. Telmo tries to express the regions he cultivates. Telmo succeeds. Please consider his best wines for your cellar as they will repay the patience you bestow upon them. These modern Spanish wines are the future.If Spain is the future, Telmo is leading the charge.

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