Arnaldo Rivera

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  • Italy
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An act of love, of freedom, of rural pride: Arnaldo Rivera wines are the result of an official protocol signed between Terre del Barolo winery and a number of its grower-owner members with the aim of producing quintessential grapes and wines. The vineyards of origin are among the most prestigious on the Langhe hills. A resource that is encapsulated here in its ultimate expression of know-how and craftsmanship, where the purity of the single varietal is the absolute pinnacle, testifying to the unmistakeable identity of Piedmontese wines. A unique, new journey through the eleven villages and native varietals in the Barolo winegrowing area – spread over just 20 km² – designed to reduce to a minimum any “background noise” – from the vineyard management, to the vinification techniques and woods used – so it is truly the wines and the land they come from speaking for themselves.

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