Alain Gueneau

  • Loire Valley
  • France

Domaine Alain Gueneau estates covers 15 hectares of sloping hills located in Sury-en-Vaux, Sancerre and Chavignol in the Loire Valley. A beautiful family-owned estate, Alain inherited the winery from his parents and now runs it with his daughter, Elisa, who is eager to carry on the family brand. The majority of the property is planted with Sauvignon Blanc, the most famous grape of Sancerre. About a quarter is planted to Pinot Noir destined for rosé and Sancerre rouge. The Domaine’s gently sloped vineyards and calcareous Kimmeridgian and stony soils provide an ideal location to express the region’s terroir. The wines are made to be true to their variety and the soil, letting the region’s flavours speak for themselves without the influence of oak or heavy processing.

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